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Lindsey; We recently hired Brandy to watch our dog while we were away on a five day trip. Everything was fantastic and Stella seemed well cared for and happy when we returned. I would highly recommend her for dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville. She is wonderful.

Debby S; We would be lost without Brandy. She comes everyday to walk my three dogs and they look forward to her visit. She goes above and beyond what I pay for! Highly recommend her if your looking for honest, reliable for dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville! I wouldn't use anyone else... Thank you Brandy for all you do!

Marjorie; Brandy is great! We were away for two weeks recently, and she took such good care of our pets (dogs and guinea pigs) and our home! All were happy, and everything was in order when we got home, including lovely plants in our yard, which she had diligently watered. Thank you very much for your dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville!

Nikki T; Brandy is the best care you could possible give to your pet. She is always on top of things and if she thinks your pet is sick or needs a simple nail trim, she is at the vet's office taking care of business. I HIGHLY recommend her for dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville. Not to mention she has a wonderful personality!

Amy T; Couldn't ask for a better pet sitter my dog has social anxiety and Brandy and Brandon both are just wonderful with her! Brandy is always there with my sporadic work schedule and since she's been petsitting my baby she's helped her overcome alot of her social problems.Of all the pet sitters in Corryton she is top dog.

Megan H; Brandy is the best pet sitter! My husband and I have her pet sit when we go on trips, so our three dogs can be at home and not in a kennel. She sends us updates on how our dogs are doing, and she goes above and beyond to make sure they. Great for dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville...More

Faith L; Brandy is one of the most caring and loving pet sitters around! She treats our animals like they are her own and I know they are in the best care possible when she's with them. If you are looking for a pet sitter, look no further! :)

Rachel W; I have used Brandy on two occasions and have another one scheduled for the end of this month. I met her while on a jog as she was hanging up a flier on a pole. Another one of her customers happened to be jogging by and gave her a great review. ...More

Brittany D; Brandy and Brandon are great! When we first moved to knoxville we were still traveling a lot and had to leave our elderly dog at home for most of the trips. Brandy treated our girl like she was her own; she went above and beyond in her love and attention. We will be forever grateful to her for the care she provided.

Joyce W; Excellent sitter for my kitty! Reliable & caring! I can always count on Brandy to be on top of things when we're away. It means a great deal to me to have someone like Brandy whom I can trust! Highly recommend! :)

Jessica R; It's a comfort to know that Brandy will be there to take care of my pets when I'm out of town. She's truly passionate about dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville.

Brandon L; I've known Brandy for many years and completely trust her with our pets. She has kept our dog, Carly, twice now and will a third time when we go on vacation soon. She has been wonderful every time and Carly loves her...More

James G; You can't do better for your pets than this service. The owner is an honest, trustworthy,dependable, caring caretaker. No worries here. She is reasonable, but most of all she loves dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville ...More



dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville TN Critter Care and Cab

More people are realizing that with their loved one's busy schedules hiring an actual dog walking and pet sitting service is the easiest choice. Dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville is the new normal because of the dependability of having an accountable professional that is insured and bonded. You should enjoy your time away and we hope we can give you that peace of mind.

We can meet anyone's needs with scheduling over the phone and taking checks. OR can meet the needs of someone just expecting us to appear by empowering them with an online client portal where they can very easily schedule, pay, and leave notes. And we are not only offer dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville but also Corryton!


Insured - Bonded - Top Reviewed Pet Sitters in Knoxville

Vet Grooming Cab

$18.50 Each Standard Visit
$28.50 Each Long Visit

We do more than offer dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville we also offer pet taxi in our service area. We often do vet visits and back and forth from friends and family. There have also been times when this did not even include a pet but was for an errand before or  after a dog walking or pet sitting visit. Please just let us know if you have a request. Happy to run your pets in for their shots. Rabies vaccine information.



Critter Care and Cab

Knoxville Pet Sitters
dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville TN Critter Care and Cab

Lunch Potty Break

$16.50 Each Lunch Visit
Visits Specifically For Dogs

During traditional business hours many clients like to schedule a quick dog walk in the middle of the day. We start making rounds for these visits at 11am. They are discounted because they are simply 15 minute dog walk visits or to let the dog out. These are popular for puppies and seniors. These visits do not include more involved care such as feeding or litter boxes.  Dog walking pet sitting in Knoxville benefits.

Pet Sitting

$18.50 Each Standard Visit
$28.50 Each Long Visit

We offer dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville. With standard pet sitting we will come to your home to feed, water, give medication, scoop litter, and get mail. Standard visits are 20 to 25 minutes and long visits are up to an hour. Price covers the typical home. Clients often schedule 2 to 4 visits a day when they are out of town, though we are happy to come as much as you would like.  Why hire a pet sitter?

dog walking and pet sitting in Knoxville TN Critter Care and Cab

Dog walkers and pet sitters in Knoxville TN

Professional pet sitting and dog walking in Knoxville TN. CRITTER CARE and CAB Knoxville Pet Sitters Dog Walkers: cat sitters daily walking alternative to doggie day care boarding kennels Knox County rover

CRITTER CARE and CAB Dog Walkers Pet Sitters in Knoxville- professional cat sitting daily walking alternative to doggie day care boarding kennels Knox County