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Dog Walking Service in Knoxville TN
North and East Knoxville Pet Sitting Service
AS SEEN ON WVLT: Free pet sitting service for people with family in Oklahoma tornado relief...
Posted: Tue 10:06 AM, May 21, 2013-KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- If there any families in the Knoxville area that have to go to Oklahoma, and you have pets, there is free help available. Contact Brandy Dunn, owner of Critter Care and Cab Pet Sitting Service Knoxville Pet Sitter. She is offering free services.

Vet Grooming Taxi 

Starts at $18.50 for the first 30 minutes plus $.50 a mile

I'm happy to pet taxi in East and North Knoxville TN. I often do vet visits and back and forth from friends and family. Sometimes I pick up dogs from boarding so that they are at home upon the owners return from vacation. And there have been times when this did not even include a pet but was for an errand. Please just let me know if you have a request. At this time I do not transport livestock. How often does your pet need to see the vet?

10am-3pm Potty Break 

$16.50 each lunch visit

visits specifically for dogs

I have many clients that work 9am to 5pm and like to have a quick potty break in the middle of the day for their dogs. These visits are discounted because they are simply a 15 minute visit to let the dog out to play or walk around the block. These are popular for both puppies and seniors. The visit includes lots of love and a chance to burn off some energy but do not include more involved care such as feeding or litter boxes. Benefits of dog walking by Cesar Millan.

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking in knoxville Service area

Awarded Top 5% of Pet Sitters on Angie's List

Insured - Bonded - Background Checks - Top Reviewed

More people are realizing that with their loved one's busy schedules hiring an actual dog walking and pet sitting service is the easiest choice. Pet sitting, dog walking in Knoxville is the new normal because of the dependability of having an accountable professional that is insured and bonded. You should enjoy your time away and I hope I can give you that peace of mind.

I can meet anyone's needs with scheduling over the phone and taking checks. OR can meet the needs of someone just expecting me to appear by empowering them with an online client portal where they can very easily schedule, pay, and leave notes. Also I never use pet sitting employees or contractors and will be the one in your home! And I'm not only a pet sitter in Knoxville but work as a pet sitter in Corryton as well!

Years of experience have shown me that pets are more comfortable in their own home. With my sincerest apologies I no longer offer boarding..


Jimmy T.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star
Needed so badly. Great job. 

Heather B.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star 

Kathleen M.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star 

Jessica R.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star
Brandy loves and cares for your pets as if they were her own. I'm so grateful to know that she's there to take care of my fur babies when I can't be.there.

Debby S.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star
Brandy is awesome with my three dogs! She is reliable and very patient with my stubborn Chihuahua.

Tim D.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Arianna L.

Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star
Brady takes great care for our two cats. She sends us pictures of our babies letting us know they are happy and safe. Her professionalism and communication are outstanding! 

Coty D.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star 

Connor S.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Diana L.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star
I can always count on Brandi any time I need her for my Molly or for shuttle service to and from the airport. Molly is so happy to go there she runs from the car to their door and can't wait to go in. She loves them both but I know she has a big crush on Brandon. Must be puppy love. 

Tracy N.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star
Thelma loves to go to see Brandy!

Kathleen M.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Audra D.

Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Lauren B.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Sunny D.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Alissa Y.

Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star
Great service! I send anyone I can your way!

Barbara C.

Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Carolyn P.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Candy J.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Kacey W.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Domane R.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Maggy B.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Jessi I.
Critter Care and Cab Your Knoxville Pet Sitters — 5 star

Pet Sitter in Knoxville + Dog Walker

Vet and Grooming Pet Taxi Service
pet sitting

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Professional Pet Sitter in Knoxville TN


Critter Care and Cab Brandy Dunn Pet Sitter in Knoxville

Pet Sits-Dog Walks

$18.50 each standard Visit

$28.50 each long visit​​​

With standard pet sitting I'll come to your home to feed, water, give medication, scoop litter, water plants, garbage, and anything else. Standard visits are 20 to 25 minutes and long visits are up to an hour. Price covers the typical home and all pets. I strive to work with your schedule starting 8am to roughly 10pm. Clients often schedule 2 to 4 visits a day when they are out of town. Benefits of using a pet sitter.

pet sitting services in Knoxville TN

Critter Care and Cab angie's list reviews

John P.
She is excellent. Great with our two dogs.

Steve M.
Brandy was very professional yet friendly and approachable. She did a great job! I went on vacation and never worried about my pets... who got to stay at home, in familiar surroundings while I was gone. Brandy was friendly and flexible, even when my flight was cancelled and she had to rearrange her schedule. I will certainly use her again!

Kimberly V.
It went really well. There were no additional fees. I felt this introductory price was great. I would use them again.

Carl S.
Brandy was able to sit my pup, Finn with a rather short notice. She has family style boarding which is great because I knew my dog wouldn't be sitting in a room alone all day. Brandy posted update photos on Facebook and Finn had a great time socializing with the other dogs. I felt very comfortable knowing that Finn was in good hands while I was on vacation. I'll definitely give Brandy a call next time I am going out of town and cannot take Finn with me. I highly recommend her services!

Teresa P.
After my father-in-law's recent extended hospital stay, Brandy helped us get his two schnauzers back to Knoxville and is currently, helping transition them back into his care. We are grateful to Brandy and Critter Care and Cab for providing such a compassionate, highly professional service! She picked the pups up at the airport and took them into her home, where they have flourished in the "family style" boarding after the difficult time they too have had following my father-in-law's 3 month hospital stay. Brandy has even taken the older dog to the vet for some much needed mouth surgery and has nursed her back to health. She has made plans for routine visits to see my father-in-law and has loved on the pups, as if they were her own. Thank you, Brandy!

Paul C.
My wife hired Brandy to clean our yard and she comes once a week. She is always professionally dressed, well spoken, and business oriented yet sweet and easy to talk to. It is very nice to have a clean healthy lawn. Critter Care and Cab is very well-rounded and will always be our pet care specialist.

Jennifer C.
Brandy has been doing tri-weekly litter box cleanings for me for a couple of months as I am currently working very long hours. She has been extremely dependable and professional and will go above and beyond to make sure your pets are well cared for. I mean this literally -- I often come home to find that she has taken extra measures to make my life easier (taken out the trash, put down new litter mats, even bringing my cats a new toy). She is very easy to get ahold of if you need to make any last minute changes, as well. Hiring her has been the best thing I've done for myself in a while!

Jonathan L.
Brandy at Critter Care and Cab was awesome! Excellent communication and responsiveness. Extremely professional. Each day, she fed our two cats but also played with them to make sure they didn't get too lonely. One of our cats was having some medical issues that she was able to help with, which really soothed our minds about leaving town. The "nanny-cam" feature, where she uploads pictures and videos of our "children" was a great service as well. We are really happy about the service!

Emily B.
Brandy is such a sweetheart and makes you feel at home when you walk in. She is very customer-oriented and does a great job, I highly recommend her.

Hillary J.
The weekend went very well. Brandy updated me every day on how Bella was doing and even sent me videos so I knew she was in good hands. She has a fenced backyard so the dogs get some exercise as well.

Jake K.
Having Bella was such a blast. I have two dogs that are the same age and they played so much that they slept for two days after she went home. They are mostly accustom to us boarding senior or special needs dogs that they have to be on their best behavior around. They thought it was pretty nice to go bananas. Meanwhile my senior Chihuahua sat on the arm of the sofa and supervised. It was a nice weekend. Thank you for choosing us!

Jason L.
We hired Brandy to take care of our yards on a weekly basis and we are very happy with the job she has been doing. Very professional and very very thorough in how she does her job. She is easy to reach, always responding to our emails on a timely manner. We highly recommend her!!!!

Brandy, at Critter Care & Cab, keeps my pups when I have to go out of town. I've got a senior citizen Chihuahua; she's 12, and she has paralysis on one side of her face (from a big dog attack last year) so she can't close that eye. I would feel uncomfortable if I had to kennel her at our vet (even though our vet is awesome)- just because she needs a bit of extra care and caution. I'm so glad that I can leave my senior, along with our other pups, with Brandy. She sends pics and updates while I'm away so I know what's going on. It's such a relief to be able to go out of town and to be at peace knowing that our wild bunch are all receiving the best possible care and attention.

Critter Care and Cab google reviews

Lindsey S
We recently hired Brandy to watch our dog while we were away on a five day trip. Everything was fantastic and Stella seemed well cared for and happy when we returned. I would highly recommend her to watch your pets. she is wonderful.

Debby S.
We would be lost without Brandy. She comes everyday to walk my three dogs and they look forward to her visit. She goes above and beyond what I pay for! Highly recommend her if your looking for honest, reliable pet sitting! I wouldn't use anyone else... Thank you Brandy for all you do!

Brandi is great! We were away for two weeks recently, and she took such good care of our pets (dogs and guinea pigs) and our home! All were happy, and everything was in order when we got home, including lovely plants in our yard, which she had diligently watered. Thank you very much, Brandi!

Nikki T.
Brandy is the best care you could possible give to your pet. She is always on top of things and if she thinks your pet is sick or needs a simple nail trim, she is at the vet's office taking care of business. I HIGHLY recommend her for your pet's babysitting needs. Not to mention she has a wonderful personality!

Amy T.
Couldn't ask for a better pet sitter my dog has social anxiety and Brandy and Brandon both are just wonderful with her! Brandy is always there with my sporadic work schedule and since she's been petsitting my baby she's helped her overcome alot of her social problems.

Megan H.
Brandy is the best pet sitter! My husband and I have her pet sit when we go on trips, so our three dogs can be at home and not in a kennel. She sends us updates on how our dogs are doing, and she goes above and beyond to make sure they ...More

Faith L.
Brandy is one of the most caring and loving pet sitters around! She treats our animals like they are her own and I know they are in the best care possible when she's with them. If you are looking for a pet sitter, look no further! :)

Rachel W.
I have used Brandy on two occasions and have another one scheduled for the end of this month. I met her while on a jog as she was hanging up a flier on a pole. Another one of her customers happened to be jogging by and gave her a great ...More

Brittany D.
Brandy and Brandon are great! When we first moved to knoxville we were still traveling a lot and had to leave our elderly dog at home for most of the trips. Brandy treated our girl like she was her own; she went above and beyond in her love and attention. We will be forever grateful to her for the care she provided.

Joyce W.
Excellent sitter for my kitty! Reliable & caring! I can always count on Brandy to be on top of things when we're away. It means a great deal to me to have someone like Brandy whom I can trust! Highly recommend! :)

Jessica R.
It's a comfort to know that Brandy will be there to take care of my pets when I'm out of town. She's truly passionate about her job.

Brandon L.
I've known Brandy for many years and completely trust her with our pets. She has kept our dog, Carly, twice now and will a third time when we go on vacation soon. She has been wonderful every time and Carly loves her. To Brandy, this isn't ...More

Andrea M.
Brandy was so easy to work with when I dropped off my dog for overnight boarding. The whole process was quick, affordable, and incredibly stress-free...which is the most important detail for me! I didn't have to worry about my dog while I ...More

Amy L.
My husband and I used Critter Care and Cab for the first time to board our dog (an adult spaniel mix) for a long weekend trip. We appreciated the fact that Brandy managed the experience professionally and made it convenient for us with ...More

James G.
You can't do better for your pets than this service. The owner is an honest, trustworthy,dependable, caring caretaker. No worries here. She is reasonable, but most of ...More

Nichole O.
Brandy is an amazing pet sitter. She spoiled my little schnauzer to bits, not with food (which he would have been more than happy to take), but with love and personalized attention. ...More

Rusty D.
If you are looking for a great pet sitter that truly cares about your animals you should give Brandy a call. We planned a last minute ski trip and were in need of someone to watch our 4 year old chocolate lab. After seeing Brandy's signs ...More

Valerie P.
Brandy was fantastic. We called her last minute and she made adjustments to her schedule. She was so good with our dogs and cats AND even watered the flowers! Her daily contact gave us peace of mind so we could enjoy our vacation. I would highly recommend her and so would Oreo and Shelby (our 4 legged children).

Dave D.
Brandy is my daughter and she has always loved animals. We have a farm and people set cats out at our barn. For two decades she has trapped, vetted, and rehomed every cat. We live over an hour away and she comes immediately every time. ...More

Gina G.
Brandy takes care of your pets like they are her own. She takes just as much care and time with them as you would. Top notch service. Definitely a must for every pet owner who has to be away from their pet.

Lauren S.
Brandy was able to board my pup, Finn with a rather short notice. She has family style boarding which is great because I knew my dog wouldn't be sitting in a room alone all day. Brandy posted update photos on Facebook and Finn had a great ...More

Krissy D.
Brandy is a great pet sitter! She let me bring my dogs over for a meet and greet and I was still nervous (first time leaving my 2 babies with someone else) so she let me bring them AGAIN just me make me feel more comfortable. While I was ...More

Coty S.
Not only do I love Brandy my kids do also! We have a very busy household with three boys and a cat. Brandy is able to keep up and loves doing her job. I have never met such a kind hearted animal lover. Brandy is very trustworthy, and GREAT with animals. I would recommend Brandy to anyone!

Critter Care and Cab did a fantastic job pet sitting my 2 dogs, cat and fish while I was on vacation. The house was perfect when we got home, the pets were happy, and were spoiled while we were gone. The price was great! I will use Critter Care and Cab for my future pet sitting needs!!!

Lucille J.
The best pet sitter in Knoxville! We were out of town last night and hired her to feed our two cats, but tornados were touching down all over the area. She waited until after the storms passed and got to our house and fed our kitties ...More

Parinda S.
I feel so lucky to have Brandy taking care of my dog. Brandy has been good taking care of Dolly over 2 months. She is dependable, affordable, and very flexible. Dolly is always happy with Brandy and I always get a text with a cute photo. ...More

Melissa E.
Brandy made a wonderful impression when I and my Doberman, Rudy, visited her recently. I was checking out possible boarding sites, and even though we selected another place I want to put in a good word for Critter Care and Cab. If you're in ...More

Jo C.
Brandy Dunn of Critter Care and Cab Pet Sitter is excellent! We have been extremely pleased with her professionalism, prices and quality of care for our dogs. Brandy does the little and big things that we ask of her when she is at our home. We trust her and highly recommend her for a wonderful pet sitting experience!

Daniel T.
I used Critter Care and Cab for their pooper scooper service for the last year. Brandy and her husband were very friendly and did a great job on keeping my yard clean. I would definitely recommend Critter Care and Cab.

John R.
Brandy and Tom took care of my cat Jax for about 3 weeks while I was in the hospital. Initially I was very stressed about leaving him, but Brandy quickly put my mind at ease. Jax very well taken care of and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Critter Care and Cab Pet Sitter Knoxville to anyone.

Erin H.
Brandy is great with my 7 year old cocker spaniel. She goes out of her way to drop him at our home if we are traveling late and never hesitates to offer to pick him up before we leave town. Our dog loves spending time with Brandy and we never have to worry when we are gone. Critter Care and Cab rocks!

Lindsey E.
Brandy is very reliable and trustworthy. She goes above and beyond her job duties and truly cares about the animals. I can't tell you how many times I have contacted her last minute and she always comes through. Highly recommend her!

Nikki H.
Brandy has an extreme love for animals! She's fantastic at her job and she's always great with my dogs. She's the only one I trust with my furbabies!!

Katasha R.
If your looking for a great pet sitter you should call Brandy she is so great with animals. I met her from the veterinary clinic I work at. She is very passionate about animals. I highly recommend her for pet sitting!

Emily D.
Critter Care and Cab is awesome awesome awesome. I recently moved to Knoxville and had to find someone to take care of my baby ...More

Joe M.
Critter Care and Cab did a wonderful job of taking care of our two cats while we were on a week long vacation. We were able to relax knowing that Brandy was looking out for our cats health and well being. We will definitely use her services again and will recommend Critter Care and Cab to our friends and family.

Sara M.
Brandy is amazing! I found Critter Care and Cab online, and I am so appreciative of previous reviews leading to me contacting her. Brandy goes above and beyond and clearly loves what she does. My dogs seem to really like her too.

Melissa L.
You can genuinely tell that Brandy has a huge heart for all animals. Your baby will be in the best hands possible!

Darren L.
As a business owner spare time is hard to come by, Brandy at Critter Care and Cab has that covered! Best pet/house sitters in Knoxville. Very professional, and a serious animal lover. Worth every penny, Its hard to find a reliable and trust worthy pet and house sitter business.

Teresa P.
Critter Care and Cab has been a lifesaver for us. Brandy has handled boarding, vet visits, post surgery care, grooming, and airline travel for my father's two schnauzers. Recently, my father had to be in the hospital for an extended amount ...More


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